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my priorities

Sustainable Development

Local development is important. But if it’s not significantly benefiting you – instead it’s disrupting you – then it shouldn’t be happening.


I will actively fight against any massive local developments that aren’t in your best interest.


Every council division needs a steady development programme for local facilities and housing.


However, our focus should always be on minimising disruption through projects that can be better managed.


So, I will actively campaign for smaller local and sustainable developments that only deliver support and value to your area.


I’ll ensure that sufficient monies are pledged by house builders and developers to support local infrastructure and I’ll make sure this is delivered in a sufficient time frame that benefits you, other residents, and visitors of Hinckley.

Tackling Congestion and Reinvigorating the Local Economy

If you’re a local resident of Hinckley or have visited the town centre or driven on London Road, you’ll know congestion can be a problem. And having congested roads made narrow by cars parked on the street does not help to make the situation any easier.


When elected, I’ll fight tooth and nail to beat this rising issue. Here’s how I’d do it:


Work with the Borough Council and lobby for the implementation of a blue bay '1-2 hour' parking scheme across the car parks in the centre of Hinckley, you’ll have access to free parking for max 1 and 2 hour stays. Several bays will be designated for this which should discourage street parking and promote further use of the car parks.


But on top of that, it’ll also attract more people to the town centre, allowing them to get out and shop at any time of day.


As the national and local economy begins to recover post-COVID, I want to ensure we’re doing all that we can to support local business – and I aim to encourage other people to do the same.

Whoever you elect, their role will be to help improve lives at a local level.

But a County Council representative who can’t be contacted or doesn't make the effort to reach out is no good to anyone – let alone their constituents.


So throughout my campaign, and even if I’m elected, you’ll always be able to reach me if you need to.

In fact, if you want to speak to me right now, here’s my number: 07396 605144.


You can also email me at thomas@yourlocalcandidate.co.uk.


I've also got a Facebook page so I can reach out and be accessible to all members of the community. And I’ll be hosting live streams and events to provide you the opportunity to publicly question me or even hold me to account on what I’m doing to support you.


I always love speaking with people from the community and I look forward to hearing from you.

To be visible and available